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Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Art Direction
UX & UI Design

Most of fintech is devoted to creating tools that make managing or investing your money as easy and mindless as possible.

CLIMB asks the question: do we really just want investing to be easy? Are we underestimating ourselves — and our money for that matter?

Could it be that money is, in fact, something we make in every sense of the word — and that, like everything else we make, the final result is a reflection of the skill and expertise with which we made it?

Our overarching strategy for CLIMB introduces the idea that money can do so much more than we give it credit for — but realizing its potential means knowing what it is capable of, and how to unlock that.


Okay, how do you visualize potential? Our answer: by creating images that contained some sort of double meaning — or at least made people do a double-take. We used light, shadow, and negative space to build intrigue and hint at the existence of things not immediately visible.


And what kind of person should we expect to meet in the CLIMB world? Grounding the intrigue and otherworldliness of the visual design, the personality we created for CLIMB was bright, friendly, and down to earth — while unafraid of asking the questions the investing world doesn’t want people asking.


And how does potential make its way into the product? By making it easy to set financial goals as well as the means for reaching them, we provided the user with potential outcomes tailored to their financial situation. All while providing the expertise of Galvin to help make every decision an informed one.