Bravo Wellness


Campaign Strategy
Campaign Concept
Art Direction
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When we think of employee wellness programs, we generally think of buzzwords surrounding health and wellbeing — and when we think of health and wellbeing, we think of kale smoothies and yoga.‍

Bravo’s approach to workplace wellness is rooted in what resonates most with a blue-collar audience: not changing your lifestyle, but maintaining the things you value in your life and your work.

Our overarching campaign strategy positioned wellness as a way for people to stay strong because when your people are strong, so is your business.

The Animation

Illustrating the challenges of running a business presented us with our own creative challenge. How do we create a video that every business can see themselves in? The answer was to not show a business at all. Instead, we built a world within a Rube Goldberg machine and followed a friendly red marble making its way through a series of challenges while demo-ing Bravo’s approach to workplace wellness.

In keeping with our down-to-earth and practical campaign strategy, we kept our visual aesthetic optimistic, approachable, and light (light enough to travel by balloon).


How do you create a personality that appeals to both the HR professionals who would be evaluating Bravo, and the employees who would ultimately interact with it? We came up with a voice that replaced the aspirational feel of many wellness programs with a straightforward, business like tone, while remaining understanding and empathetic.