LeBron James

LeBron James

Campaign Concept
Art Direction
UX & UI Design

There’s nothing more exciting than watching LeBron James play. Unless it’s looking at a bunch of stats about LeBron James’ playing. 

Not convinced? 

Neither was ESPN at first. 

When LeBron James became of the Top 10 points leaders in NBA history, they wanted to create something that helped fans understand the enormity of what he had accomplished, the speed with which he had accomplished it, and what he was capable of accomplishing in future. All they had were stats...and a Getty Images account. 

Together we built a site that (aside from being 38,991 pixels tall — one pixel for each point LeBron is predicted to score during his career) let fans move through LeBron’s career at the pace, and with the flare, that he had moved through it. The end result? A pretty great site for one of the greatest (maybe someday the greatest) basketball player of all time.